The long and winding road

Hi, my name is Yaniv.

I have travelled to different parts of the word with my family. I have seen people with a lot of money, and people who have no money.

I think that is not right. I think we need to pay more attention. My art will hep you to remember to look at the planet around you.

I hope that my art will make that happen.

About Yaniv Janson

Yaniv is a young New Zealand artist from the small coastal town of Raglan. His work centres on his great passion for environmental and social issues and this has been reflected in his art works.

Living with both epilepsy and autism, Yaniv doesn't let either dictate who he is. He began painting 13 years ago and creates the work from home, enjoying the freedom of determining his own schedule. He can choose when, where and what to paint and loves that it is something that people all over the world can enjoy.

Being awarded over 18 awards, participating in more than 40 exhibitions and having sold in excess of 180 paintings, Yaniv is far from finished.

People identify with Yaniv's paintings in ways that are new to them. Yaniv goes against the norms when it comes to connecting and interacting with his artworks and invites his viewers to use all of their senses to experience his art. This allows people to feel his artworks have been created especially for them and express their story. Others connect strongly with issues prevalent in his work: the problems humanity faces with global warming, affordable and warm housing and environmental sustainability.

Yaniv has Asperger's syndrome, otherwise known as 'high functioning autism'. Considering his conditions that impair his daily life, Yaniv's unique ability to connect with his audiences through visual language is remarkable. Art has given him a new language, a new mode of expression, a focus, and perhaps a new dimension to his life.

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