Throughout my career as an artist I have had the privilege to be involved in a number of exciting initiatives and have achieved a lot of things that I am very proud of.

I hope that these achievements inspire others living with disabilities to know that they can achieve anything to set their mind too. I also hope to show people how even the smallest change can have an impact toward environmental sustainability and social equality.

Yaniv's Biography

Yaniv's story is one of beautifully broken down barriers. For starters, Yaniv created a new series of artwork titled, Please Do Touch. He invites you to physically touch his paintings, a perfect example of how Yaniv enlightens those around him by disregarding traditional norms.

Secondly, as a global citizen and traveller, Yaniv has witnessed inequalities throughout the world that sadden him. Consequently, the Please Do Touch series includes paintings that speak to each of the United Nation's (UN's) development goals. A subset of these paintings, called Rich, Middle Class and Poor, guide us towards the UN's goal of ending poverty.

If you have the opportunity to attend one of his exhibits, Yaniv invites you to interact with his art on a deeper level - through touch and reflection. He also challenges you to think about the world and the norms around you. Are you living life according to "shoulds"? Are you observing the world around you? Are you allowing yourself to feel at full capacity?

Although Yaniv was diagnosed at an early age with autism and epilepsy, he maintains a hunger for taking control of his life - for building his own business around the work he loves the most: spirit-lifting, world-changing art.

And lastly, Yaniv hopes his work will remind you that, even in seemingly dark moments, you too have the vibrant colour within yourself to help change the world.