Below are the canvases available for purchase in each installation.

To purchase a canvas, please fill out the enquiry form, and we will be back in touch to arrange purchase.

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Please Do Touch Canvas for Sale

The Please Do Touch series of installations make a connection between art, social and environmental topics and disability. The installations use visual, oral, and kinetic languages to speak to the variety of human experiences.

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Project 22 Canvas for Sale

The Project 22 series of installations is a project driven by the interest to see how much of a canvas can be covered without using a paint brush. The installations were created using solely Resene test pots.

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Beehives Hidden in Trees Canvas for Sale

The Beehives Hidden in Trees series of installations make a connection between art and our society’s way of perceiving and taking for granted our bee population.

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Mind's Eye Collection Canvas for Sale

The Mind's Eye Collection of installations shows a number of places throughout New Zealand that Yaniv has visited and showcases the natural beauty found within our country.

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