At the age of 16 Yaniv Janson was named as a finalist in both the National Contemporary Art Award and the Wallace Arts Awards.

Yaniv challenges himself daily to overcome the trials of living with Asperger's and epilepsy, and says the showcase will be a major highlight in his career so far. He credits painting as being an alternative to the difficulty he's faced in articulating himself verbally, "for me, art has become a form of expression. Colours allow me to show emotions, ideas and themes. It has unlocked a whole other world for me."

Ron Epskamp, Gallery Director of the Exhibitions Gallery on Fine art says he admires artists like Yaniv, "His perspective requires us to view our world in a unique way."

Yaniv follows the Social Realist tradition, but says his paintings are created using media and a technique he has invented; "I mix the paint and water directly on a blank canvas. My idea goes straight from my brain onto the canvas. It is immediate and often things emerge unexpectedly."

His passion for environmental and social issues is evident in his work, and his big dream right now is to display his work at the United Nations. He says now it is more important than ever, to be involved in social and environmental issues -particularly climate change.