A Collection of Works

As a global citizen and traveller, Yaniv has witnessed inequalities throughout the world that sadden him. Consequently, Yaniv has created a number installations that speak to these inequalities, to raise awareness, to strike emotional chords and to encourage action.

As an artist, Yaniv hopes that his work will remind you that, even in seemingly dark moments, you too have the vibrant colour within yourself to help change the world.

Please Do Touch

An installation designed to communicate five of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to inspire action and connection between art, social issues, environmental topics and disability awareness.

See the installation here

Project 22

Project 22 has been created in partnership with Resene to see how much of a canvas can be covered by tilting the canvas in various ways and mixing the colours one by one. This was Yaniv's way of experimenting with the paints.

See the installation here

Rich, Middle Class and Poor

An installation that asks us to look at how people feel about their living conditions, what is realistically available and how social equality can be brought to everyone through adequate housing.

See the installation here

Beehives Hidden in Trees

An installation to showcase beehives in their natural form, where they are not in boxes and instead, hidden in trees. Yaniv wants to communicate awareness of bees and the important part they play in our ecosystem.

See the installation here

Mind's Eye Collection

The Mind's Eye Collection installation shows a number of places throughout New Zealand that Yaniv has visited and showcases the natural beauty found within our country.

See the installation here