“The reason why I created this series of works is because I wanted to see how much of the canvas I could cover without using a paint brush. The aim was to pour the colours separately on the canvas without mixing them. It was an experiment to see how much of the white canvas I can cover by just tilting it in different ways.

The reason why I poured 22 whole Resene test pots is because 22 is my favourite number and my favourite birthday was my 22nd birthday. This work is part of an experimental project exploring different movements and drawing from everyday life experiences of blowing, throwing, dripping, splattering and pouring.

For the first work in this collection, I searched for my earliest transformational experiences – when as a young child I watched batter meeting the hot surface and transforming into yummy pancakes. My investigation of how blobs of acrylic act as a medium in reacting with the fabric as they spread over the canvas, letting the pancakes of paint form, is located within the expressive abstract movement.”

Deepest thanks to Resene who sponsored this project.

Project 22 Launched with an Exhibition at Lake House Arts Centre