Sustainable Schools is a project that ties in with the wider Touch the World project, run by Yaniv and The Fast Track Inclusion Trust. The goal of the project is to get the workbook, Touch the World into schools to support the learning and awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The project enables young people to gain an understanding as to how to increase self-care as they raise their awareness about the connection between our environment and our wellbeing. This is achieved by providing an interdisciplinary approach to learning about mindfulness and sustainability, inspiring concrete actions that address the SDGs taught. Specifically, the project seeks to extend options for education beyond mainstreams options.

The workbook offer an educational framework that does not currently exist in schools. Teachers who have piloted this project with students are excited at the impact it has had throughout their school. The program has expanded the students' understanding of sustainability and inspired them to make actionable plans. This awareness and training in holistic and 'big-picture' thinking is valuable in forming well-rounded and thoughtful students who know about self-care and about being stewards of the Earth. In 2022, the project is being expanded to the general public and addresses community issues such as poverty and sustainable cities and communities- adding to the former environmental focus of the project.

Our visit to Te Uku School