Welcome to the Touch New Zealand Tour

We are so happy to have you participating in our first project of its kind. Yaniv has been working on the Touch New Zealand project for over two years now and is thrilled to be able finally bring it to the public. Thank you for attending and taking action toward environmental and social sustainability.

Touch New Zealand has been designed as an interactive art event focusing on five of Yaniv's paintings from his Please Do Touch installation, with each painting and correlating station relating to one of our five senses with activities at each station. We invite you to get your own copy of Yaniv's Touch The World Workbook to enhance your experience today.

The event has been set up for you to visit all five stations, in whatever order you prefer, with each station focusing on one of your five senses. Yaniv has created interative activities at each station that invites you to participate in viewing his atwork, understanding the message behind the artworks, and how it relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

So let's get going!


If you haven't already, we highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy of Yaniv's Touch The World workbook, available for purchase at the event entry. This will hugely support you in your experience at this event today.

Each station is based on one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Below further information and resources to support you in you experience today.

HEAR the sounds of a happy sea

This station is about the Sustainble Development Goal Life Below Water. The sustainability of our oceans is under severe threat with dead zones rising at an alarming rate. Visit the United Nations websiteto see all details.

Listen to the sounds of a happy sea and think about your contribution to this Goal.

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TOUCH to experience no more poverty

This staton is about the the Sustainable Development Goal No Poverty. COVID-19 has led to the first rise in extreme poverty in a generation. Causing the global projected poverty rate in 2030 to be 7% instead of 0%.

Touch the painting and imagine what life could look like with poverty eradicated globally.

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SEE the effects of climate action

This station is about the Sustainble Development Goal Climate Action. The climate crisis continues with rising greenhouse gas emissions that require shifting economies towards carbon neutrality.

Watch the video to see the effects this climate crisis through tornadoes and the destruction they leave behind.

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SMELL what clean water should be like

This station is about the Sustainable Develpment Goal Clean Water and Sanitation. Billions of people still lack access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. There are 2.3 billion people who live in water-stressed countries.

Smell the water samples and imagine a world that does not include access to clean warer.

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TASTE a supportive, connected community

This station is about the Sustainable Development Goal Sustainable Cities and Communities. COVID-19 has worsend the plight of those living in inferior living conditions, and only half of the world's urban population have convenient access to public transport.

Taste the sweet treat and imagine what makes a supportive, connected community.

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