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A Happy Sea Print

A Happy Sea Print

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A happy ocean is filled with many things that are full of life, colours and shapes. You can even see happiness if you look hard enough. Everything below the ocean surface keeps changing all the time and this is a happy thing. This is how you will see the ocean once we take care of it. 

Sea anemones are all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes. You will see many sea anemones in this painting as they should help to make us all happy. They are beautiful, they are happy and in the position they want to be in and they are colourful. 

This painting is to show people what they have and want - which is a healthy sea and a happy sea. 


This piece is part of the internationally exhibited Please Do Touch collection.


Glossy Poster Print 

A3 measurements: 297 x 420mm

A4 measurements: 297 x 210mm

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