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Beehives on a Farm Print

Beehives on a Farm Print

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I paint beehives that are hidden in trees. Most people would not see them if they did not collect the honey. 

That is a place where honey collectors go and collect the honey that bees make. Beekeepers work hard to collect the honey from the hives.

If we did not have bees then we would not have fruits and vegetables. There are grapes in the foreground of the canvas. 

Other fruits and vegetables are more in the middle of the canvas. Which means that they are not all the same distance from the beehive in the tree. Sometimes the bees travel shorter distances and at other times, longer distances from the beehives to the fruits and vegetables. I love the red house in front of the blue ocean because those 2 colours go well together like that.


This piece is part of the Beehives Hidden in Trees collection.


Glossy Poster Print 

A3 measurements: 297 x 420mm

A4 measurements: 297 x 210mm

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