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Beehives Yesterday Today Tomorrow Print

Beehives Yesterday Today Tomorrow Print

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I paint beehives that are hidden in trees. Most people would not see them if they did not collect the honey. 

That is a place where honey collectors go and collect the honey that bees make. Beekeepers work hard to collect the honey from the hives.

It represents a flower that has all these things true about them and other things in this beehive painting, that have some kind of pattern. The name of the flowers are Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. The colours of the flower are all the same in 1 way which is that they are all purple. The colours of the flowers are all different in the way that they are lighter or darker than each other as they get older.

The 10 trees that have a beehive in them is the same as the other painting which has 10 trees with a beehive. The trees are exactly the same as they have no leaves on them. 

The houses make some patterns.

The windows on each of the houses are the same colour as each other. The houses are each a different colour which stands out a lot against the sea which is behind it.


This piece is part of the Beehives Hidden in Trees collection.


Glossy Poster Print 

A3 measurements: 297 x 420mm

A4 measurements: 297 x 210mm

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