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Colour Me Happy

Colour Me Happy

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The Colour Me Happy Book has been created with the sole purpose of increasing wellbeing through creativity and fun. The book asks readers to consider five questions: what makes you feel positive, engaged, connected, purposeful and accomplished?

In this book, Yaniv asks the reader to think about "what do you enjoy about colouring?" For himself, different ideas come to mind. Sometimes he is attracted to the design of an image, often he likes to pay attention to the colours themselves and other times he learns new things from colouring and new places to put his coloured images. 

Example Activities:

  • Creating space to understand what brings feelings of positivity
  • Asking the reader to dive into what brings them meaning 
  • Writing and drawing down what goals aimed to achieve in a year

All of the activities included in the workbook can be completed individually or in a group setting.

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