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My Happy Play

My Happy Play

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The My Happy Play Book is aimed at children of all ages and promotes the feeling of happiness. The book asks children to take mindful action toward understanding what makes them happy and using the creative outlet of colouring to reinforce these feelings. This interactive book of full of activities to promote mindfulness and happiness. 

In this book, Yaniv asks the reader to think about "what things make you happy? What colours create happiness in you? What activities do you do that make you happy?" For himself, different ideas come to mind. Sometimes he feels happy when he is painting, often he likes to pay attention to the colours themselves and how they make him feel, and other times he feels happiness when he is watching children learn and engage with his artwork and books. 

Example Activities:

  • Drawing a garden that makes you smile
  • Asking the reader to think about what colours bring them happiness
  • Writing and drawing down what people and activities make you smile

All of the activities included in the workbook can be completed individually or in a group setting.

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