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Rotorua Print

Rotorua Print

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These paintings are in a different part of New Zealand and some are closer to each other and some are further away from each other it depends on which ones. All 22 paintings describe parts of New Zealand. Twenty-two is my favourite number. Another reason why I painted 22 New Zealand Landscapes is that 22 is a very easy number to remember because it is 2 times 2 in digits. 

Rotorua is a very special place not just for New Zealanders, but also the rest of the world. There are only two other places like Rotorua in the whole world - one in Iceland and one in Yellowstone Park. Even though the smell of the sulphur is not nice and pools of boiling mud are not pretty it is unusual and interesting that what goes on deep under the earth can be seen above the ground. 

We think of the planet as so enormous and solid but underneath there is great movement and activity and it is exciting - even a little bit scary the forces at work under the ground that create powerful happenings like the geyser I painted. I painted this so people could view this amazing sight without having to smell the sulphur. I think it is interesting that people usually go in pools to get clean, but in Rotorua people like to sit in pools of mud.


This piece is part of the New Zealand Landscapes collection.


Glossy Poster Print 

A3 measurements: 297 x 420mm

A4 measurements: 297 x 210mm

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