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The View from the 22nd Floor Print

The View from the 22nd Floor Print

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To me a happy city is one that is supportive, connected, it has grass growing, it is clean, living, happy and vibrant. I want this painting to communicate that if we all worked together towards achieving happy cities we can find ways to pollute less, use less and build sustainable and supportive communities. 

To me a happy city will have tall buildings, lots of plants and living things, grass growing everywhere, it will be clean, people will be active and out roller skating and skate-boarding. We will all be healthy, happy and everywhere we go will smell flowers. Everyone will be well looked after, we will have gardens everywhere with food to eat, jobs for people to earn a living,  and we will use sustainable ways of living, like solar power. We will all look after one another and feel connected as a community. This is the life and the world we should all collectively be working towards.

To show this through painting I use a variety of bright and medium colours to represent connectedness and happiness. By pouring and squeezing paint onto the canvas using icing nozzles I feel this best represented the painting as it shows an overflowing of connection and happiness, which is what this painting is all about. 


This piece is part of the internationally exhibited Please Do Touch collection.


Glossy Poster Print 

A3 measurements: 297 x 420mm

A4 measurements: 297 x 210mm

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