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Touch the World - Workbook

Touch the World - Workbook

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Touch the World is a workbook that aims to educate communities around environmental and social sustainability while empowering them to become confident in themselves and responsible stewards of the earth.

The workbook covers and creates an awareness of the sustainable development goals and encourages people from all walks of life to use their imagination and determination to touch the world we live in, positively.

Included in the workbook are a number of digitised drawings of Yaniv’s paintings for you to colour or paint, along with “taking action” pages that prompt you to write about what actions you will work to take toward each relevant sustainable development goal.

So go on, take a mindful moment for yourself to be creative and reflect on what YOUR action can be to work towards a better world.

Example Activities

  • Observe the artwork and think about the significance of the images

  • Reflect on the artist view and analysis

  • Brainstorm on actions that one could take about a sustainable goal

  • Create a drawing, glue in an image(s) that represent the issue and potential solutions

  • Colour-in - as a mindfulness practice

  • Summarise thoughts and choose one action that one could commit to alleviating the goal topic

These activities can be done individually or in a family/group - either way, with the range of possible activities on offer, one is bound to think about even one small step in the right direction. Using the workbook is a great starting point to reflect, plan, and make your first step to contributing to a goal.

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