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Colour Me Happy - The Workbook

Colour Me Happy - The Workbook

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The Colour Me Happy Workbook has been designed as a practical resource for holistic wellbeing. The workbook has been created as a tool for people to use in their own wellbeing journey, while simultaneously being able to be a resource for teachers, facilitators, and coaches to share with their students and clients alike. 

The goal and purpose of this book are to bring happiness and wellbeing to everyone through colouring. The workbook focuses on creating moments for each person to get into a creative flow, creating mindfulness, and contributing to holistic wellbeing. 

Example Activities

  • Creating 'flow' experiences. By slowing down and rating awareness of mental state both before and after the 'flow' experience.
  • Relationships between colours and emotions
  • Reflecting happiness back to self through colour
  • Self-expression and understanding overwhelm

All of the activities included in the workbook can be completed individually or in a group setting.

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